About Us

Welcome to www.livinginspain.org – the Complete Guide to Living in Spain.

This website will be of valuable assistance to you, if you fall into any of these categories:-

You want to visit Spain as a tourist.
You want to visit Spain with a view to possibly living here, part of the time, or permanently.
You have made the brave decision to move to Spain.
You have just arrived here and need a helping hand.
You have lived in this beautiful country for some time, but you still need a helping hand!
In time, (please be patient, we want to get it right), we will include every aspect of Spanish life that could possibly be of interest to our website visitors.

(We welcome requests for themes not currently covered.)

You will notice when surfing the Internet that there are many websites offering excellent information and advice on various aspects of living in Spain. Where we feel that a particular theme has been covered successfully by another site, we have simply provided a link to the appropriate page of that site. We would like to express our gratitude to these sites at this point.

However, you will also appreciate some important differences between www.livinginspain.org and the other sites:-

Many sites are principally in business to sell or rent property and only provide information about living in Spain to support those objectives,

Some sites target specific themes only,

www.livinginspain.org provides a simple, uncluttered, and hopefully accurate, guide to all aspects of living in Spain.

We appreciate the language problems of people visiting or living here and will provide eventually meaningful English/Spanish vocabulary on those themes, where it is appropriate.

Finally, we hope you get as much out of your visit to www.livinginspain.org as we have put in.

If you have any comments on our site, please contact us at contact@livinginspain.org or contribute to our Open Forum.